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Strawberries are sold within the territory of Ukraine under the TM “Finyssymo” in the following packaging:

First class

great ripe berry

Second class

ripe middle-sized berry

Third class

qualitative small-sized berry

At the territory of the greenhouse, we grow five varieties of European strawberries:

  • Monterey
  • San Andreas
  • Murano
  • Portola
  • Albion

The ripeness level of berries is measured in percentage of 0% to 100%. This allows you to choose the optimal time for picking berries, based on the existing transportation and storage needs.

Open plastic punnet 500 g Export format
Closed plastic punnet 500 g
Closed plastic punnet 250 g
Open plastic punnet 500 g
Open plastic punnet 500 g Second best
Carton box 5000 g Seasonal format
Sales department

Phone.: + 38 (044) 251 31 55

Email: infoberry@berry-com.com


We use the latest technologies and methods of growing and storing of berries.


Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil, using a certain substrate, imbued with aqueous solution. It is from this solution that plants get all the necessary growth substances in the desired proportions and quantities. Today, hydroponics is considered to be one of the most effective methods of growing strawberries in the world.

In our hydroponics cultivation system, we use organic growbags made from a mixture of coconut and peat of European production. To reduce the influence of the human factor, the irrigation system is operated through a computer control unit, which is configured for appropriate feeding regimes to deliver nutrients in the growbags.


As of 2017, BERRY COMMERCE LLC is an exclusive owner of this unique type of greenhouses in Ukraine. The advantage of this type of growing system is the absence of the need to constantly monitor the temperature regime due to the ongoing natural ventilation in the greenhouses.


This type of growing system is proved to be one of the most effective among the greenhouses of seasonal growing. The advantage of this type is that it allows you to start earlier and finish later harvesting berries by using a closed type of construction.

Storage technology

The total area of ​​the complex is 500 sq.m.

Area of ​​premises for storage of products – 250 sq.m.

Two independent equipped storage chambers

Ability to store products with a capacity of 70 -80 tons

The peculiarity of the complex is a separate shock cooling rooms, which can cool simultaneously up to 10 tons of products in 1-1,5 hours to a temperature of + 5-7 degrees Celsius


Nowadays the company “BERRY COMMERCE” LLC is the largest greenhouse complex of strawberries growing in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. The company’s operational activities are focused both on the local market and on the Eastern and Western European markets. The company is using the most modern methods of growing, storing and transporting of berries.


area 1900 m2
Canteen, residential buildings,
administrative and
household buildings
Cold storage with area of
500 m2
Equipped with a
shock cooling room
Electric substation with output
power of 160 kW
Forecasted additional capacity to fit the
potential of further
greenhouse farm development
With reinforced
concrete surface
water wells
High-tech artesian wells
with high water debit
Security complex The territory is fenced, guarded and
equipped with a video surveillance system


Computer-based irrigation system

Hydroponics with
an output power of 2.2 L/min

Water reserve with a capacity of 700 m3

Two water tanks for a reserve water supply

Own transport

All necessary transport for
strawberries handling and transportation



“BERRY COMMERCE” LLC 51, Nyzhniy Val, Kyiv, Ukraine 04071 Tel: + 38 (044) 251 31 55 Email: infoberry@berry-com.com


“BERRY COMMERCE” LLC Vyshnyaky village, Borodyanskiy district Kyiv region, Ukraine


Tel: + 38 (044) 251 31 55 Email: infoberry@berry-com.com